Preventive Maintenance is common in the commercial industry and the auto industry (oil change, tire checks) but not so common in the residential world where most of us have our biggest investments.

Let A&B's Improvements perform a 100 point home inspection to find potential problems before they happen.

See our 100 point checklist and enter your information on our contact form to get started.

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Serving Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Gallatin, Watertown, Hartsville in Wilson, Trousdale and Sumner Counties in Middle TN and these zip codes, 37087, 37122, 37074, 37066, 37184, 37071

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For all your home improvement and remodeling needs including bathroom and kitchen remodels, design, ideas, garages, sunrooms and additions. We also do insurance restoration. At A and B's we do the work ourselves, so you always know who is in your home. You can even call us if you have questions on how to do your own remodel project.

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1. HVAC filters clean. (Replace filters)
2. Fire alarms working (Replace batteries)
3. Drains and traps in place not leaking
4. Toilets secure, not leaking or running
5. Dishwasher not leaking
6. Refrigerator not leaking
7. Hot water tank not leaking, fittings in good shape, pop-off valve      working

A and B's
Home Improvements

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1. HVAC ducts connected, not losing air
2. All drain lines in place, no leaks, no sags in pipes
3. Showers and tubs not leaking
4. Termite damage not visible
5. Vapor barrier in place and not damaged
6. Water supply lines not leaking.

Home Improvement Contractor, TN License #6771

(Sample Items)

1. Shingles loose, brittle or missing
2. Flashing secure
3. Vent pipe boots not cracked
4. Gutters and down spouts clean
5. Gutter drains working, attached, not clogged
6. Facia trim/wrap secure, wood not exposed
7. Windows sealed and caulked, not broken
8. Window wood painted, not wrotten
9. Doors sealed and caulked, weather strip in place
10. Brick mould not wrotten